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American Express Increases Employee Benefits to Include Infertility Treatments

American Express announced this week that starting January 1st, their parental leave and infertility treatment benefits will be drastically changing for the better for their employees. The company previously had caps on their health plan for infertility benefits and a short parental leave only for employees who gave birth. However, with their new plan both male and female employees will receive up… Read More »American Express Increases Employee Benefits to Include Infertility Treatments

Baby Joy Through Surrogacy

The British TV show, ‘This Time Next Year,’ focuses on inspirational aspects of every day people’s lives. Recently, the show focused on couple, Kathryn Mallory and Chris Chapman, who were struggling to complete their family after using IVF to conceive their first child. Kathryn successfully beat cancer as a child and after conceiving their first child, doctors told Kathryn that she would… Read More »Baby Joy Through Surrogacy

Woman Gives Birth to Grandson

Being a Surrogate does not always mean that you are carrying a baby for a stranger; instead you could be a Surrogate for your own child. This was the case with Megan Barker, who on October 22nd gave birth to her own grandson. Barker, who is 48 years old, gave birth to a healthy baby boy for her daughter, Maddie Coleman, and… Read More »Woman Gives Birth to Grandson

Exploring the Possibility of Surrogacy

As celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, explore the possibility of having a child through Surrogacy; it is important that they educate themselves on the entire process. Because, whether you are a celebrity or not, using Surrogacy to have a child is an in depth process that you should understand completely before diving in. For example, you need to explore the pros and cons… Read More »Exploring the Possibility of Surrogacy

Jeff Lewis Welcomes Baby Girl Via Surrogacy

Image Courtesy of Jeff Lewis Instagram Bravo TV star, Jeff Lewis, welcomed a baby girl with this partner, Gage Edward, via Surrogate on Tuesday. Lewis announced the birth of his daughter, Monroe, on Instagram on Tuesday. The reality show house flipper, said via Instagram At 4:22pm today, I grew up. Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis.” Lewis also posted pictures of his daughter’s nursery,… Read More »Jeff Lewis Welcomes Baby Girl Via Surrogacy

Surrogacy in the USA: Your Path to Parenthood

How does International Surrogacy work? And why would someone choose to do International Surrogacy? – These are questions that we get asked by many of our international clients. The clearest answer is that international Surrogacy is the answer for many individuals who are seeking Surrogacy outside of their own country for one reason or another. California, in particular, has some of the… Read More »Surrogacy in the USA: Your Path to Parenthood